Overture redirects here. For the Halo: Reach song of the same name, see Overture (Halo: Reach).

Overture is a track from the Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack.[1]

It contains the following tracks: Yet Alone, These Darkened Streets, Time to Dance, Key to the City and Replacement.

The track takes place during the opening scroll, and the main menu.

Suite ChaptersEdit

  • Yet Alone 1:53
  • These Darkened Streets :51
  • Time to Dance :33
  • Key to the City :33
  • Replacements 1:47


  • Overture starts off with the sound of rain falling and thunder clapping in the background. This references the fact that the Rookie wakes up after a thunderstorm passed over New Mombasa, and helps to set the more introspective tone that the game exhibits when compared to previous titles.


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