Oracle Master Parala 'Ahrmonro was a civilian Sangheili of the Covenant and resident of High Charity.

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Parala 'Ahrmonro held the title of Oracle Master. Fiercely intelligent, 'Ahrmonro served as personal counsel to the High Prophet of Regret.

During the course of the Covenant Civil War, he was with Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree aboard the spearhead flagship, Sublime Transcendence. Though bent with old age, he retained a better sense of intelligence and worked as a religious and intelligence gathering consultant on the Imperial Admiral's behalf. It was he who discovered that the renegade ship Bloodied Spirit was headed to Onyx.[1]

He was most likely killed when the ship was destroyed by the NOVA Bomb that Vice Admiral Whitcomb tricked the Covenant into taking to Joyous Exultation.

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