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Hope rises through desert skies like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.
— Description[1]

Altar is a Forge map in Halo 5: Guardians built by WyvernZu on the map Parallax. It is a remake of Sandtrap from Halo 3 albeit modified to function better with Halo 5's sandbox and movement options. It was selected by the community cartographers for addition into the multiplayer matchmaking Big Team Battle playlist.[1][2]

Changes from Sandtrap[]

  • The weapon, grenade and vehicle placements have been overhauled.
  • Both Elephants have been removed from the map.
  • Several vehicle-sized tunnels have been added around the map, two of which are located behind each base.
  • Both teams' bases have been completely revamped to function better given the lack of Elephants, only appearing familiar at face value.
  • The crashed Albatross has been removed and replaced with a small UNSC bunker, similar to the one seen on Turf
  • Minor geometry changes have been made to the central structure to provide more cover and movement options for infantry seeking to evade vehicles.
  • Some of the structure that was previously buried in sand has been excavated to allow entrance to them.
  • The Banshee now sits atop a podium, and the crashed Phantom has been removed.
  • A crashed Pelican has been added nearby the Banshee, which serves as cover for the spawn point of the Spartan Laser.
  • An Anti-Air Shade Turret has been added nearby the SPNKr Rocket Launcher spawn point.
  • In Strongholds matches, the Nest area becomes a fortified UNSC encampment, complete with barricades and three Drop Pods.
  • In any game mode but Slayer, a hard light light bridge appears, connecting Red Base to Top Mid.
  • The structures have now been coloured a cleaner pale cream with golden accents, rather than the dirty, decrepit orange stone texture of the original map.


  • A version of this map exists which is completely true to the original map with no alterations whatsoever, created by the same author. It is simply entitled "Sandtrap."[3]