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Viking, also known as Halvalla,[1] is a community-made multiplayer Forge remake of Halo 3's Valhalla. It was built on the Parallax canvas by "no god anywhere" and was selected by the community cartographers to be added into the matchmaking Big Team Battle playlist shortly before the release of Ghosts of Meridian.[2]

Changes from Valhalla[]

  • Weapon placement has been slightly tweaked, with some weapons (which do not feature in Halo 5: Guardians) being replaced entirely by similar counterparts.
  • Instead of water, the stream has been replaced by ice, presumably due to the limitations of Forge. In addition, the cliffs around Blue Base are now topped with ice, to match the frozen stream.
  • Many minor geometry changes have been made, again due to Forge limitations.
  • The Pelican, which was previously a D77H model, is now a D79H model.
  • The resupply canister in Red Yard has been replaced with an open Drop Pod.
  • Instead of bordering onto the ocean, Red Base is now surrounded by short cliffs, once again due to the limitations Forge poses.