Parg Vol was a Sangheili Warrior, terrorist and a known associate of Jul 'Mdama.[2]


Human-Covenant warEdit

During the Human-Covenant war, he was a Field Master.[1]


After the war, he participated in the Battle of Draetheus V. Vol served as commander of groundside forces on Draetheus V itself under Merg Vol.[3] In the middle of the battle, Spartan Sarah Palmer, stole his personal Phantom.[4]

Several years later, the UNSC confirmed him to be on Requiem.[5] Fireteam Crimson was dispatched to assassinate him but Vol escaped on a Phantom leaving Crimson to secure UNSC equipment he had collected before evacuating. He was located again later at another Covenant camp, where he was cornered and killed by Spartan Fireteam Crimson.[2]


  • If Parg Vol is not killed in the Spartan Ops mission, Hunting Trip within a certain amount of time, the mission will continue on as if he were dead, but will die automatically sometime near the end of the mission, with Spartan Miller saying that Parg Vol has been taken out.
  • It is possible that Parg Vol is related to Merg Vol, considering that they have the same surname and that they served together.




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