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The Paris-class heavy frigate is an escort class ship in the UNSC Navy. They are manufactured by Sinoviet Heavy Machinery.[1] The Paris-class heavy frigate is more heavily armed and armored, designed for direct combat action rather than fleet support. It has a larger complement of point-defense guns, Archer missle pods, and a lengthened Magnetic Accelerator Cannon for additional support. It lacks the vehicular deployment bay of the other two classes of frigates, but its heavier armament can handle enemy fighters and larger vessels. When fielded in larger numbers, Paris-class frigates can screen a formation, engaging Covenant frigates and destroyers while allowing more powerful UNSC destroyers and cruisers to focus fire on the larger Covenant cruisers and carriers.

Class History[]

Human-Covenant war[]

Main article: Human-Covenant war

Through out the Human-Covenant war, the Paris-class would be used in a number of battles.

Battle of Chi Ceti[]

Main article: Battle of Chi Ceti

The UNSC Commonwealth would engage the Covenant for the first time during the battle, taking severe damage.[4]

Battle of Camber[]

Main article: Battle of Camber

At least 18 unnamed frigates would fight the Fleet of Particular Justice at Camber. However, this defense effort would fail, and the planet would still be destroyed.[5]

Epsilon Eridani Conflicts[]

Reach 5016770 Full

Paris-class heavy frigates Grafton and Saratoga providing fire support during the Battle of Viery.

The Epsilon Eridani Fleet would utilize a number of Paris-class ships to help defend the colonies in it's jurisdiction.[6]

A number of them were at the Fall of Reach. The UNSC Saratoga and the UNSC Grafton would participate in the Battle of Viery, with the Grafton being destroyed by the supercarrier Long Night of Solace shortly after destroying Tower One.[3] The UNSC Savannah would sacrifice its slipspace drive for Operation: UPPERCUT, and would also be destroyed during a confrontation with the Ardent Prayer. At least seven were either being broken down or being built around Anchor 9 at the same time.[7] Two unnamed frigates were seen near Anchor 9.[8] Another unnamed frigate would fight an SDV-class heavy corvette near the remains of Gamma Station.[9]


In 2556, when the colony of Cleyell came under attack by a Covenant faction, the UNSC Cascadia would pick up a distress signal from the planet.[10]

In 2557, Paris-class heavy frigates helped escort the UNSC Infinity along with some Autumn-class heavy cruisers.[11]


Reach 10501931 Full

Two Paris frigates over Reach.

The Paris-class was a heavier classification within the UNSC frigate line.[2] Along with its heavier armament, the Paris-class was reduced in its capacity to deploy internal vehicles, possibly to reduce the weight of the vessel to not impact its venerable maneuverability. They are capable of operating within atmosphere to provide local fire-support for ground and space-based units alike.

At 535 meters in length,[2] the Paris-class is the largest class of UNSC frigate fielded during the war. Carrying no ground troops, their equipment, or the dropships to carry them save for a small detachment of ODSTs in SOEIV pods, the Paris-class can thus save large amounts of room and weight. This allowed the internal structure to be redesigned apart from that of the Charon-class light frigate or Stalwart-class light frigate, allowing room for a larger reactor to feed more power to the ships systems, including the MAC gun, reducing reload times. The hangar bay aft of the ship has been reduced in size to a smaller cargo bay, useful for rapid loading and unloading of cargo directly to the surface.

The extended length of the design allows for additional magnetic coils to be mounted, increasing the velocity of projectiles launched. The Paris-class also sports additional Archer missile pods and point-defense cannons, as well as thicker Titanium-A armor, making the ship superior in its combat role when compared to its smaller frigate cousins at the expense of performing a more prominent fleet-support role.

The hangar bay mounted fore of the ship between the two forward struts carries a small compliment of GA-TL1 Longsword fighters for engaging enemy single-ships, as well as carrying SKT-13 Shuttles used for transporting the crew between the vessel and their destination.

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