Partition is a Human colony that was established some time after the Human-Covenant war.


Parition was originally the site of a Forerunner data facility.[1]

Partition was first discovered by UNSC Diadochi when the ship crash-landed on the planet. The survivors salvaged what they could from the wreckage and established a community that survived until they were rescued by a UNSC ship.

UNSC Infinity's War Games simulator would eventually include a simulation set on Partition's surface prior to its colonization.[2]

Physical Aspects Edit

It is a temperate planet with a large series of mountain ranges, which are home to lush temperate rainforests.[3]


  • Partition is a reference to the UNSC Diadochi, which is in turn a reference to the Diadochi Wars waged after Alexander the Great's death.[4] The wars ended with Alexander's empire divided, or partitioned, among his closest generals.




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