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Large Magellanic Cloud Infrared 1

An infrared image of the Large Magellanic Cloud

Path Kethona (known as the Large Magellenic Cloud by the UEG) is a small galaxy located about 160,000 light years from the Milky Way that was believed by some Forerunners to be the source of the Flood.


After the Ur-Didact was imprisoned in his Cryptum for the first time, the Librarian and four other Forerunners took the vessel Audacity into Path Kethona to look for a solution to the Flood threat. Instead they found a planet containing primitive Forerunners and knowledge of the Forerunner extermination of the Precursors.

Path Kethona was cleansed of life and Precursor artifacts by the firing of Omega Halo during the Battle of the Greater Ark.[1]



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