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Patrol is a live-action advertisement video for Halo: Reach, part of the Remember Reach advertising campaign. In the short, three UNSC troopers from 3 Charlie are on patrol, discussing a recent confrontation Noble Team had with insurrectionists, before being sent to investigate a disturbance in the Comm Relay Hub in Visegrád.[1]


Three UNSC infantrymen stand guard at night in a snowy landscape. An APC is seen on the foreground.

  • Trooper #1: Heard Noble Team had an interesting morning.
  • Trooper #2: Yeah, they surprised a couple of SCIs trying to hijack a supply transport. Innies never even saw them.
  • Trooper #1: Insurgents vs. Spartans? Ha! That's not even a fight.
  • Trooper #2: Well that's probably why-
  • Operator (radio): 3 Charlie. Come in.
  • Trooper #1: 3 Charlie. Copy.
  • Operator (radio): Prep your team for immediate mobilization to Visegrád. We've lost contact with the Comm Relay Hub. Possible insurrectionist activity.
  • Trooper #1: Roger. We're on the way. 3 Charlie, out.

Trooper #2 grabs his duffel bag from the ground

  • Trooper #3: It's not enough we fight the Covenant. We have to come back down here and get attacked by our own people as well.

The soldiers check their weapons

  • Trooper #1: That's the job. And you can bet there will be more fires to put out tomorrow... so stay focused. Let's move.

The troopers start walking toward the APC.

Cut to planet Reach shown from space, with the star Epsilon Eridani falling behind the horizon. Screen fades to black, text shown:


HALO: REACH logo is shown


  • This trailer is 1:17 long, which could be a reference to John-117's service tag, 117.
  • The troopers are wearing the shoulder and chest plates of the ODST armor despite that they do not seem to be ODSTs.