Pelican 019 was a Pelican Dropship on the UNSC Light Frigate Midsummer Night. It was piloted by Jeffries.

Operational History[edit | edit source]

It was used to fly Lieutenant Jacob Keyes, Major Akio Watanabe, and other officers on their mission to suppress Jason Kincaide's riot in the Scyllion Warehouse District on Charybdis IX.[1] The mission went wrong though when RPGs struck an ONI mobile command center killing ONI Agents and wounding many more.[2] Keyes called for Jeffries as he, Watanabe, and ONI agent Corinthia Hansen fled to the roof of a warehouse.[3] Turning his obsevation lights on briefly to signal Keyes, Jeffries came inbound and overhead to extract them. The mob below fired RPGs at him, Jeffries, noted as a skilled pilot, dodged one RPG but a second one struck the belly of the craft, without further evasion a third struck the tail causing him to lose all control which sent the aircraft crashing down to the street below, killing Jeffries and destroying the Pelican.[4]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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