Pellius was the Chieftain of a Jiralhanae pack on the Kig-Yar ship A Psalm Every Day.


Pellius and his pack were ordered by the High Prophet of Regret to assist Thel 'Vadamee in searching for Kig-Yar trading Covenant weapons altered for use by Humans. Upon arriving at 23 Librae and discovering the Rubble, he and a Jackal Shipmistress, Chur'R-Mut betrayed 'Vadamee and his team of zealots. Pellius sent warriors to board Thel's ship, Retribution's Thunder, but Thel activated the self-destruct.

He then went into slipspace, toward High Charity. The High Prophet of Truth said his loyalty was commendable, but had the entire crew executed, presumably with Pellius.[2]

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