Petty Officer Second Class is the fifth enlisted rank (E-5) of the UNSC Navy and is a non-commissioned officer. It is equal in rank to Sergeant in the UNSC Marine Corps and UNSC Army, or Staff Sergeant in the UNSC Air Force. Directly above is Petty Officer First Class, and Petty Officer Third Class is the rank directly below. This rank is given to all SPARTAN-IIs upon graduation.[2] This is most likely due to combat situations in which a Marine NCO has been neutralized, allowing a SPARTAN-II to take command of a squad.

In informal settings, Petty Officers Second Class are typically called "Petty Officer."

Known PersonnelEdit


  1. This is the insignia for a US Navy Petty Officer Second Class. However, in Halo 3 the insignia for Master Chief Petty Officer is shown to be similar to that used by the 20th/21st Century US Navy (with the standard Eagle changed for that of the UNSC Phoenix). It is inferred that this applies to all UNSC Navy Enlisted rank insignia.
  2. Halo: The Fall of Reach, page 99

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