Petya was a UNSC freighter that was in use by Gray Team during their mission in the Rubble.

Operational HistoryEdit

Petya was later used as a makeshift transport for the former crew of the UNSC Midsummer Night which was recently liberated from their prison cells within the Rubble.

The ship was attacked by a pair of insurrectionist soldiers who were later killed by Adriana. The ship was also used to pursue a Kig-Yar ship with notable connections with an insurrectionist weapon smuggling ring. Its navigational data was later taken by the Spartans and placed in the Midsummer Night, whose own data had been purged prior to capture by the Rubble. Petya was finally abandoned by Gray Team following the events at the Rubble due to the odds of docking both Petya and Midsummer Night for a slipspace jump not being in their favor.


It had several Shiva nukes onboard and a kill switch to combat possible hackers.[1]



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