Don't let its luxury fool you - the Pious Inquisitor is one of the fastest ships in the Covenant fleet.
— In-game description

Pious Inquisitor,[2] later renamed Naomi,[3] was a CCS-class battlecruiser reputed to be one of the fastest ships in the Covenant Navy.

History[edit | edit source]

Pious Inquisitor remained intact through the Battle of Earth. When it was informed of the Great Schism, it allied with the Covenant separatists and returned to High Charity to join the Fleet of Retribution in preventing the Flood from spreading. Now part of the Fleet, it joined pursuit of the Flood-infested Indulgence of Conviction to Earth. Later, it entered the Portal and took part in the Battle of Installation 00.

After the war, Pious Inquisitor was taken on its way to help the rebelling Sangheili by a Skirmisher named Sav Fel. Staffan Sentzke purchased the ship from Fel and renamed the ship after his daughter, Naomi.[3]

Soon after, a shipmistress named Chol Von attempted to take the ship, but her attempt failed. Instead of allowing the ship to fall into the hands of anyone else, she destroyed the ship's engines, ensuring that the ship could never be used again.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pious Inquisitor is the location of the Halo 2 multiplayer map Midship and its Halo 3 remake Heretic.
  • Near the top of the map is a window that you can look out of to see that Pious Inquisitor is a part of a fleet traveling through space. The ships move forward, stop for a few seconds, then move backward.
  • According to bonus features in the Halo 2 Collectors Edition, Begotten Angel was the original name of the vessel.[5]

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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