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Pirth Outskirts is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.[1]


Combining both human structures and natural jungle environments, Pirth Outskirts is set on Pirth City, Arcadia, in a human environment (city) overlapped by jungle. The swampy outskirts of Arcadia's capital city features unclaimed bonus Reactors and offers alternate routes for attack. The area is open and easily navigated, even by the most cumbersome and powerful vehicle. Pirth Outskirts is a 1v1 map.


  • When playing as Sergeant John Forge, you can flatten the normally-protecting forests encompassing enemy bases and leave a wide open and probably unprotected hole in their defenses with which to storm troops through.
  • It's best to leave the Rebel bases alone; you'll probably lose a few units trying to take the base, which can be detrimental later on. If you see your enemy attempting to take them, however, you may want to attack them while they are weak, because their units will have been killed or damaged while assaulting the base.
  • Because of the map's small size, UNSC players can set up a number of locked-down Cobras for base defense.


  • Perth is a real life city in Australia, and may have been the inspiration for Pirth.
  • Near the west edge of the map, there is a destroyed ONI base.
  • The working name for this map was Clover. As the treeline that surrounds the map looks similar to the four leaf clover.