On certain pistol weapons throughout the Halo series, you can find Japanese, Chinese, or Korean characters.


Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

Stamped onto Halo: Combat Evolved's M6D Pistol are two Japanese and Chinese characters that can be seen only with the aid of a scoped weapon, such as the Sniper Rifle.

The first character is found stamped onto the top of the ejection port. It is 七, which is shichi or nana in Japanese and qi in Chinese. It translates to the number 7.

The second character is found on the bottom of the magazine floor plate. It is 力, which is chikara in Japanese and li in Chinese. Meaning "strength" or "power," it may reference how powerful the M6D is.

Halo 3Edit

In Halo 3, the M6G Magnum features a Korean Hangul on the bottom of the magazine when reflected. It reads 일곱 (il-gohb), which translates to the number 7.


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