A render of the plasma battery in Halo: Reach.

The Plasma Battery was the Covenant equivalent to the UNSC Fusion coil and is possibly a reverse-engineered Forerunner Power Core. Their sole purpose in the game is so they can be used as improvised explosive devices, due to their explosive reaction to weapons fire. They require more shots than the Fusion coil to explode. They also require a higher drop to detonate them on impact. They may be a Covenant power source for Plasma Weapons which recharges them when they run out of battery power, although it is more likely that they are there as a power source for covenant encampments and bases for communications and shielding etc.

They appear in both Campaign and Multiplayer and can be very useful to whoever sees the right moment to detonate it, such as near a pack of Grunts. These can also be bought when in Forge, costing a fair price. They can be placed anywhere on the map, even in mid-air. If in a last-ditch situation, you can kill enemies standing near either a Plasma Battery, a Power Core or a Fusion coil by shooting at it. Any enemy killed using the explosion from a Plasma Battery will be listed as killed by you using an "Unknown" weapon. It appears to have energy shields as part of its structure, however, you don't need to deplete them to detonate it. There are stacks of them on the level, The Ark, and can be used to kill nearby enemies. Once one explodes, it causes a chain reaction of the explosions of nearby Plasma Batteries.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It takes two explosions from a Plasma Battery to kill a fully shielded SPARTAN-II or Sangheili.
  • Plasma Batteries are most likely used to recharge Covenant weapons that utilize batteries, such as the Plasma Rifle. However, you cannot recharge plasma weapons with it in the game.

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