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The Pocket Pistol is a small UNSC handgun.[1]


The only known use of the weapon was when Governor Nils Thune refused to step down from office. Jilan al-Cygni drew her pistol and shot him twice in the chest with Tactical Training rounds (TTR), rendering him unconscious.

Design Details

Little is known about the Pocket Pistol other than the fact that it is a small black handgun scarcely larger than Jilan's palm and described as being similar in appearance to an M6C Magnum but slightly smaller. A likely possibility is that it is a sub-compact model of the M6C, given that it is a military-issue handgun and that different sections of the same service will use variants of a given firearm. It is likely that the pistol is standard UNSC issue for ONI personnel, as its small size would make it useful for close-range targeted assassinations. It could also be a personal weapon carried in an unofficial capacity.


The pistol in question was loaded with TTRs. However, given the fact that TTR rounds were designed to simulate live rounds without causing death, it could conceivably be loaded with live rounds as well.


  • It is possible the weapon could be the M6K "undercover" model, as it fits the description, and no other weapon has been identified with similar characteristics. 



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