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Hydroelectric plants like this one provide clean, sustainable energy for the inhabitants of Reach.[1]

Powerhouse is an asymmetrical multiplayer map appearing in Halo: Reach. It is set in a hydroelectric facility on planet Reach[2] formerly utilized to provide alternative power supply to the rural settlers nearby, but was repurposed to support the military war efforts.[3] The map is primarily designed for 4v4 gametypes.


  • Abyss
  • Boiler
  • Concrete Hall
  • Concrete Path
  • Cliffside
  • Dirt Path
  • Dormitory
  • Dormitory Roof
  • Green Residence
  • Green Roof
  • Lockers
  • Office
  • Powerhouse 1st Floor
  • Powerhouse 2nd Floor
  • Ravine
  • Ridge
  • Rock Garden
  • Shed
  • Shed Roof
  • Spillway
  • Vaya Con Dios!
  • Water Tank
  • Yard


Image Location
Reach Rocket Launcher Cropped Rocket launcher: It's located in the Spillway, under the bridges between the Powerhouse and the Boiler.
Focus Rifle Cropped Focus Rifle: It's located in the Yard, between the Powerhouse and the Dormitory, immediately below the Ridge.
HaloReach - SRS99 Sniper Rifle: It replaces the Focus Rifle in certain gametypes such as 1-Flag CTF.
M319 - Side Profile Grenade Launcher: It's located in a shower stall of the Lockers below the Office.
HaloReach M45 Tactical Shotgun Shotgun: It's located on the Cliffside near the Dormitory on the opposite side from the Ridge near Blue Team's spawn.
Type-2 Energy Weapon Hammer Halo Reach Gravity Hammer: It's located in the Shed above the Cliffside.
Plasma Repeater Plasma Repeater: There is a Plasma Repeater at the top of the dirt hill in between the Green Roof and the roof of the Concrete Hall
Needler HR Needler: There is a Needler behind Green Roof on a rock, above a metal wall
HReach-T31NeedleRifleSide Needle Rifle: The Needle Rifle can be found at the end of the Water Tank hall that overlooks the Spillway
HaloReach - M6G Magnum: There is a Magnum at the bottom of the ramp of Concrete Path (the one above Water Tank)


While never spawned in on Matchmaking, there are two spawnable vehicles in Forge on Powerehouse: the Ghost and Mongoose.


You can actually jump from Green Roof to Shed Roof if you sprint, and then jump on the edge of Green Roof facing the Shed. This is a very good survival point in any Infection gametype.

You can jump from the Ridge to any of the three orange, metal, flat roofs of the generator like structures in Yard. This can be a great vantage point to kill anyone on the Concrete Path. You can also jump onto the doorway like structure that leads to the Concrete Path.


  • The map was known as "Settlement" during development.[3]
  • Like almost all Halo: Reach multiplayer maps, the map is included in the Campaign, although the Campaign level takes place at night instead of day in the level Nightfall.[4]
  • There is a radio that you can listen to a radio conversation within the Dormitory.
  • If a player stands near the computer in Green Residence, a whine like a malfunctioning computer can be heard.
  • The bridge which you cross to get to the map in the campaign mission, Nightfall, is out and appears to be destroyed in the multiplayer map.
  • In Forge, you can change the color of the dumpster, pallet, and large pallet.