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Before Xbox, before the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, there was a game that was originally announced for the Mac and the PC as a 3rd-person shooter.[1] The game development time was from around 1998 to the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, originating as a Myth-style strategy game before turning into an over-the-shoulder cooperative netgame, and finally being retooled as an FPS for the Xbox. As the game evolved, several vehicles and weapons were cut and others had complete overhauls from the game. Below are some examples of lost or heavily modified gameplay items:

RTS GameplayEdit

In the beginning stages of the Halo series, it was first going to be an RTS (real-time strategy) game for the Mac. Some of the known elements of the early render include the:

  • Heavy Trooper - Infantry units and an early iteration of the SPARTAN-IIs.
  • Toolbar - Used to select, command, etc.
  • Groundblast - Unknown, most likely scenery.
  • Zedsu - A tank.
  • Bunker - A structure.
  • Scoutcar A.K.A Hummer - Early Version of the Warthog.
  • Horseshoecrab tank - A Tank.
  • Alien Tank - Tank of the opposing forces and an early iteration of the Wraith.
  • Mowitser - Probable howitzer cannon due to the name.
  • Aliens - The precursors to the Covenant in the final game.
  • Starfighter - An aerial vehicle.
  • Propane or Gas Tanks - Scenery.
  • Ghost - Early iteration of the Ghost RAV.
  • Other Vehicles - Vehicles similar in appearance to Halo Wars Wolverine, Rhino, and the cut Cougar.
  • Elephant Precursor - The precursor to the Elephant.

Pre Halo FeaturedEdit



In the early renders of the Halo series, it was originally planned to have a helicopter within the game.


Known as "Dual-carrot craft" and Regular inflated raft, it was cut from the pre-production of the game.

Stealth TankEdit

A tank model found in the early versions of Halo.

Transport Warthog and Mongoose PrecursorEdit

Presented in the Evolution of Halo Part 1, they are the Warthog and ATV that lacks mounted armaments for defense. Both later were planned to be introduced to Halo 2 but dropped and finally added into Halo 3.

Warthog PrecursorEdit

The design precursor to Warthog LRV.

Elephant PrecursorEdit

A large vehicle with a crane designed to be more like a huge Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). This vehicle was later introduced in Halo 3 as the Elephant as well as being included in Halo Wars.


Halo edge 4

The Shadow, which later became the Spectre

The Spectre was originally designed to be in Halo Combat Evolved but was cut due to balance issues. It was included in Halo 2. The mounted Shade turret, however, made it into the final version of the production.


Early renders of common guns found in most of the Halo gamesEdit

  • The Assault Rifle, which had the ability to fire grenades, though the grenade launcher was swapped out for a flashlight in Halo's final build.
  • Flamethrower, which was included in PC edition of Halo: Combat Evolved and brought back for Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.
  • Early version of the M6 series pistol.
  • Precursor to the SRS99.
  • An early iteration of the shotgun.
  • A Submachine Gun, which was later introduced in Halo 2, was to replace the Assault Rifle.
  • Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher, which had a spiritual successor in the form of the missile pod.
  • Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher, which saw use in all Halo games, though heavy changes have occurred.

Spear GunEdit

A gun that was meant to shoot at underwater enemies.

Gatling GunEdit

Halo original 4

Pre-Xbox render

The Gatling Gun was a weapon originally designed for the Pre-Xbox Halo: Combat Evolved. It seemed to be a hand-held version of the M41 LAAG. It would appear that the weapon has finally come to light in the form of Halo 3's AIE-486H.

There have been several mods, using Halo Custom Edition, that has integrated the Gatling Gun into the game. Most if not all of these mods use the Warthog's turret model, separated from the base and the main vehicle.


1212344025 Spartan machete ingame

A machete and an Energy Sword

A machete was proposed in the pre-production of Halo: Combat Evolved, but later disposed of. It is possible, although unsupported, that rather than being unlimited, it would have durability, and break after awhile.

Covenant Sniper RifleEdit

Halo edge 3

The Halo: Combat Evolved Beam Rifle

The 'Covenant Sniper Rifle' was an early weapon that was deleted from Halo: Combat Evolved. It was cut due to balance issues, but it vaguely resembles Halo 2's Beam Rifle and Halo: Reach's Focus Rifle, its spiritual successors.


In the video, the Spartan is shown holding a Covenant weapon that was the design inspiration for the Mauler.

Gravity Wrench Edit

Despite being considered the early version of the Gravity Hammer, the Gravity Wrench behaves in a manner similar to a mix between the Brute Shot and the Plasma Launcher.

Weapon StorageEdit

In the early versions of Halo, the secondary weapon you obtained would be placed on your back. This feature was experienced in Halo 3.

Other Pre-Halo FeaturesEdit

Broken HaloEdit

“It's a little prelude to what happens in the future.”
— Bungie employee
In the early stages of the game, Halo was designed to be in broken form, only attached by strands of skeletal supports. It appears that this became the inspiration for Installation 08 in Halo 3, as it looks similar to the broken Installation 04.

Blind WolfEdit

A rideable creature found in the pre-production.


Early Elite

The early Elites

An Elite model circa 1999. Notice the mandibles are more dinosaur-like, lacking the present four-pronged jaw in the actual Halo games. You can see what look like bones and ribs showing. Also, note the Elite on the right, in the background, is holding something that looks like an older Fuel Rod Gun model.

Old HUDEdit


The old HUD Display and a Halo that has fallen into disrepair, that design was then taken and incorporated into Halo 3

The Heads-up display originally had a different design, incorporating the health and shield meters into a shape reminiscent of the Marathon logo, with an actual mini-map (as opposed to the motion detector) in the circle in the middle.



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