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The Unnamed Prehistoric San'Shyuum civilization was a civilization that existed during the reign of the Forerunners.


Much isn't known about the ancient San'Shyuum civilization, but they were the ancestors to modern San'Shyuum. They were a powerful and technologically advanced race. Sometime around 110,000 BCE, they entered into an alliance with the Human Empire known as the Human-San'Shyuum alliance. The San'Shyuum were always on good terms with the humans, and both civilizations traded with one another long before any alliance was made.

During the Human-Flood war, the San'Shyuum had also used powder on their favorite pets the Pheru in order to make them more "exotic" with an active black market in them. When the Pheru become more aggressive due to the "infection", they killed their pets which caused much dismay among them. When the Flood began spreading, the San'Shyuum did not seem to be as affected by it as the Humans were.

During the Human-Forerunner war, the Human-San'Shyuum alliance greatly helped the Humans in their war efforts. The advanced technology of the San'Shyuum made them formidable opponents to the Forerunners. However, the Humans were weakened by their war with the Flood, and they were eventually beaten at the Battle of Charum Hakkor. The alliance crumbled, but the Humans kept fighting and were "deevolved" by the Forerunners. The San'Syuum willingly surrendered, however, and were quarantined to their home system. They were forbidden to ever see the Humans again.

Eventually, the San'Shyuum were wiped out when the Halos fired.


Despite being technologically powerful, the San'Shyuum of the time were a handsome and intelligent race, more concerned with sensuous beauty, eternal sexuality, and youth.[1] Unlike the modern San'Shyuum, especially Reformist ones, the ancient San'Shyuum were not reliant on technology to move and were considered to be capable warriors much like the modern Stoic San’Shyuum.



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