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Prisoner is a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Summary Edit

This map takes place in some sort of Forerunner holding facility for the Flood. It is symmetrical on exactly thirteen axes, making it a very tight map. The most interesting aspect about this map is the bridges, which are very useful for opening fire on opponents below but very vulnerable to snipers. The shotgun is the most useful weapon in these close encounters.

The most vulnerable spot on the map is the center; however, there is an Active camouflage under the central pillar and a rocket launcher above it. It has a very "cramped" feel to it and rockets and grenades are not recommended while going up or down one of the hallways. Some players make a 16 person CTF servers with only rocket launcher, fuel rod cannon and the Flamethrower. This creates a fast paced, chaotic but balanced game where players seldom survive for over a minute.

Strategies Edit

  • Be aware of the natural team stalemate that develops on Prisoner: it's often necessary for players to be more creative than usual in how they approach the map.
  • In team games, have one or two team members work their way in behind the enemy's side of the map. Once behind, enemy players will often be overwhelmed between fire from the main team and the infiltrating pair. As a result, the enemy team crumbles between the two forces.
  • Operate in groups: With multiple allied groups of two or three players working around the map, it becomes easier to disorient or overwhelm the enemy team.
  • In Team Slayer, its best for one player to wield a Sniper Rifle, several with Assault Rifles, and few with Shotguns. The sniper should position himself across from a major weapon spawn, such as the Rocket Launcher in the middle tower of the map. The player with the Shotgun should patrol the Sniper Rifle spawn point, gunning down would-be enemy snipers. Lastly, position two players with Assault Rifles and Pistols near the sniper mentioned above, just in case the attack force of the other team overpowers.
  • Use the ground floor and passageways to avoid enemy fire.




Sources Edit

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