“This is how we keep our faith. How we honor Those Who Walked the Path.”

The Progression of the Ages is a ceremony performed by any devout Jiralhanae follower of the Great Journey before a meal or important undertaking.[2]

During the ceremony, the leader of the group steps through rings of obsidian, iron, jade, geodes, opal, and other stones (each representing an Age of the Covenant).[2]

Ceremonial Material
Obsidian Age of Abandonment
Iron Age of Conflict
Jade Age of Reconciliation
Geodes Age of Discovery
Unknown Age of Conversion
Opal Age of Doubt
Unknown Forerunner alloy Age of Reclamation

Chieftain Maccabeus performed the Progression of the Ages prior to eating the Thorn Beast on Rapid Conversion, to give thanks for the ship's safe jump.[2]

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