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Project Lumoria is a Halo: Combat Evolved campaign mod developed by TM Mapping Team, released on November 26, 2010.[1]


Character and settingsEdit

Project Lumoria takes place on Lumoria, a planet with an array of Forerunner structures being excavated by UNSC research teams. The mod focuses on a SPARTAN-II, May, who would be accompanied by a squad of highly trained ODSTs.


The year is 2525. At the start of the Human-Covenant war, the UNSC had located a small planet now known as "Lumoria." The UNSC had discovered architecture and animal wild life on the planet, that no one knew of. This planet was built by the Forerunners, they would later realize. A small research vessel was sent to Lumoria to study the new planet. Shortly there after, they were attacked by Covenant forces. The UNSC picked up a distress signal from the planet's surface. It was a message from one of the scientists. Their vessel was attacked by several covenant ships while he was studying the interiors of the new structures. The Endless Horizon, a small, stealthy UNSC frigate is sent in for a low-profile search and rescue mission.



Episode 1Edit

Project: Lumoria Episode 1 features normal Halo: Combat Evolved gameplay with the addition of Flamethrower and Rocket Warthog in Singleplayer. It also features Drones, that are first seen in Halo 2 and Elite with an Shield similar to the ones used by Jackals, the same shield is used in the Halo Combat Evolved E3 2000 Trailer

Episode 2Edit

The devolepers (TM Mapping Team) have announced that Lumoria Episode 2 will feature the Halo 2 Shadow Vehicle, Better Encounters, Terminals (Look below for more Info) and more!


Terminals are an Interesting Feature that will be added in Episode 2, they will show some important things about Lumoria and it's past. More notably who helped build the Forerunner world and run it. They could be similar to the Cutscene trigered in Halo: Combat Evolved's second campaign level Halo, where you have to activate an energy bridge.



The development of Project Lumoria first started in 2008 but was put on hold for a year due to development complications.[2] It was later revived in December 1, 2009.[3] The mapping team faced several difficulties while developing the mod; one such hardship was finding a replacement animator as their previous animator was unable to continue work due to hardware malfunction.[2]

During the development, the mapping team improved the features of the ageing Halo: Combat Evolved engine; this ranges from BSPs, lighting to AI encounters.[2]

Audio Edit

The Soundtrack From Lumoria Campaign From Halo1 Soundtracks and Halo 2 SoundtracksEdit


Team leads
  • Higuy
  • L0d3x
  • Eyeballman68
  • Shade 117
Voice actors
  • Elle - May, the elite Spartan ll
  • L0dex - ScareCrow, the pilot of Delta 137
  • Flibit - Mercenary, captured by the Covenant
  • Creative Resolve/David Edwards - Brandon, the squad Leader
  • Dennis - the Scientist, lead of captured team
Tag editors
  • Advancebo
  • Yoko
  • Higuy
  • Deehunter
  • Sheer
  • Massacre
  • Conscars ( Skybox )
  • L0d3x
  • Higuy
Special thanks to the following
  • Il Duce Primo
  • Rooster
  • Dsalimander
  • Gamma
  • teh lag
  • Sheer
  • Cass
  • Elmo
  • Ganon

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