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The Promethean Soldier is a type of Forerunner Promethean Armiger[1] and an enemy featured in the game Halo 5: Guardians.[2]


Human-Forerunner war[]

During the Human-Forerunner war, the Ur-Didact employed the use of Promethean Soldiers to raid ancient Human ships because of their ability to fight in close quarter combat.[1]

Forerunner-Flood war[]

After the Didact's exile, the Ecumene found themselves unprepared for the return of the Flood. Due to the dwindling number of Warrior-Servants, the Ecumene recommissioned the Promethean Soldiers to fight the Flood.[1]

Though most of them were used for fighting the Flood, a few were secretly deployed to key Forerunner sites tasked with guarding them after the firing of the Halo Array.[1]


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There are few variants of Soldiers that appear in the campaign and as minibosses in Warzone. There are two exceptions.

Image Variant Description
Soldier Captain Soldier Captains are more heavily armored than normal Soldiers and carry Splinter Turrets into battle. They have a spiked crest on their heads and more elaborate armor and are an ash-white color as opposed to the metallic gray of a normal Soldier.
300px-H5G-Soldier Sniper
Soldier Sniper Soldier Snipers are the ranged specialists of Promethean Soldiers. They carry Binary Rifles. They have simpler faceplates in comparison to normal Soldiers that exposes their orange visage and are black in color.
H5G Render-Boss-Noctus HydraSoldier Hydra Soldier Hydra Soldiers resemble Soldier Snipers, but their primary difference is that they are equipped with a Hydra Launcher, though they also carry a Suppressor. They're only encountered in Battle of Noctus.


Promethean Soldiers function as the Elite equivalents of Promethean forces, with the Promethean Knights from Halo 4 appearing as more powerful enemies. Like Spartans and Elites, Soldiers bear personal shields, likely the same hardlight shields used by Knights in Halo 4, and when these shields are depleted the Soldier's armor will retract and expose the glowing interior on the face and chest. Soldiers are capable of reducing themselves to blue energy forms to travel across distances quickly, an action referred to as phasing in-game, and they can do this at any time. They most commonly wield Suppressors or LightRifles, though they can also use Scattershots and Binary Rifles. Soldiers can and will use discarded human weapons and can hijack vehicles.

Soldier Captains are more powerful and heavily armored than normal Soldiers, and these Soldiers carry Splinter Turrets in battle.

Several variants of Soldiers only appear as minibosses in Warzone; Soldier Bandits, Soldier Commandos, Soldier Enforcers, Soldier Guards, Soldier Operatives and Soldier Specialists. Hydra Soldiers are somewhat of an exception due to their unique weaponry.


Promethean Soldiers are simpler to take down than Knights, but are still not to be underestimated. They tend to be rather resistant to melee attacks and respond extremely swiftly, and they can dodge fire and distract the player with their phasing ability, further increasing the time and effort required to take them down. Destroying their shields will prompt them to roar at the player and cease fire for a second, and this in addition to the resultant glow of their exposed inner workings makes unshielded Soldiers easy pickings.




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