Prone To Drift was a Huragok of direct Forerunner descent and had no contact at all with the Covenant. Prone To Drift and a group of other Huragok were left by the Forerunners to maintain the Shield World at the centre of Onyx.

History[edit | edit source]

Lucy-B091 was the first person to have contact with these Huragok after she split off from the team into another part of the shield world. Prone To Drift had trouble communicating with her at first but was able to project a holographic keyboard onto a wall after reading a name tag in her clothing. Prone To Drift was very keen to "repair" Lucy's speech disability, but was unable to do so as it was a psychological problem and not a physical one.

Lucy eventually convinced him to let her regroup with Dr. Halsey, SCPO. Mendez and the rest of the Spartans. After following Lucy in regrouping with the others, Dr. Halsey tried to use a communications panel to contact the UNSC. Prone To Drift did not want Halsey to do this as the Forerunners had told them to keep the Shield World safe until they returned. Halsey started to scare him and the other Huragok and this led to Lucy assaulting her and speaking her first word since Operation: TORPEDO. Lucy then spoke, with difficulty, to Prone To Drift and convinced him to allow Halsey to communicate with the UNSC. He also helped to move the shield world from Slipspace and to create new Huragok for the purpose of moving and maintaining Forerunner technology for the UNSC.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Huragok naming system, Prone to Drift's name means that he was more likely to float off.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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