The Prophet of Conviction[1] was a representative of the High Council sent to Kholo in 2539 to oversee its destruction.


Stationed aboard a ship in the Fleet of Righteous Vigilance, the Prophet personally ordered its Shipmaster to burn a Covenant religious symbol on the surface of the planet as a symbol of the Covenant's triumph. Following this, the Shipmaster was bonded to the Prophet of Conviction, with the ship becoming Conviction's permanent home and mobile command post, the fleet carrying out the Prophet's bidding throughout the rest of the war.

During the Great Schism, as the Shipmaster received the first news of the ascension of the Jiralhanae and the slaughter of the Sangheili councilors from the Fleet's admiral, he rushed to the Prophets personal quarters - Conviction was ready, having been told that his race's deception was exposed. He tried to kill the Shipmaster with a plasma pistol, but he failed and ended up subdued. The Sangheili dragged him before his crew in a public execution, after showing them the images of the Jiralhanae's treachery. Upon seeing the Prophet awaken and terrified of being surrounded by angry Sangheili, the Shipmaster crushed his neck, thus killing him.

Conviction's own Honor Guards would take their own lives soon afterward out of shame at protecting the Prophet before the Schism.


  • If Conviction's title follows those of previous Prophets in the series, it may imply that he lacks conviction, and is rather weak-kneed and unwilling to follow actions through - although this conflicts with him ordering the glassing of Kholo (particularly the requirement of the Faith symbol to bind a Sangheili shipmaster to him).
  • In the other meaning of the word, it may imply that does the exact opposite of what it describes, with Conviction always getting away with crimes, or something similar. It may refer to him lying about the Great Journey and what had been done to the Sangheili and to the Sangheili Shipmaster.




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