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A CCS-class battlecruiser firing its pulse laser turrets.

The Pulse laser turret is a light Covenant ship-to-ship weapons system. These pulse weapons are known to have been mounted on most Covenant ships and starfighters.

Design details[]


The pulse laser turret is one of the Covenant's primary weapon system, often classified as a point-defense weapon and compared to the UNSC's M910 Point-defense guns. These pulse weapons are affixed to most Covenant ships, including artifact retrieval ships such as the Minor Transgression, and starfighters such as the Type-31 "Seraph"-class.

UNSC prowlers are also mounted with pulse laser weaponry,[1] but this version is likely an independent UNSC development rather than reverse engineering of Covenant technology. Pulsed laser technology was available to Humanity as early as 1960, and at least as early as the year 2000 in weapon form.

Firing operation[]

The pulse laser turret fires by means of laser. Before the weapon fires, it must first charge, during the charge a sphere of light energy forms around the charging weapon. After finishing charging, the weapon expels a cyan/purple beam of energy. The ship's shielding system must be dropped to allow the pulse weapons to fire completely.[2] Different modes should be noted to exist, due to the CCS-battlecruisers in The Package firing a continuous beam, rather than pulse-firing, as the name recalls. The exception is the prototype-lasers prowlers are armed with, but as said, these are most likely independent UNSC developments.


The pulse laser turrets are rated at a minimum in the kilowatt range.[3]

Damages dealt by the pulse laser turrets are known to be serious threats to most, if not all UNSC ships; a pulse laser salvo is capable of melting through 45 cm of Titanium-A battleplate in a single shot.[4] In one such instance, the UNSC Commonwealth, a frigate, received severe armor damage in sections three and four to a quarter the original width.[4] As such, it is believed that UNSC ships with thicker armor would have to take multiple pulse laser salvos to show the same results.

The pulse lasers demonstrated in The Package, merely takes down several Seraphs in a single salvo, even with their shields up and battleplating exceptional at deflecting plasma. It may be that the UNSC pulse lasers are weaker or for story effect. 



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