The Punic-class supercarrier[3] was a UNSC carrier warship classification. Officially designated a "Space Control Vehicle", the Punic-class was operated by both the Colonial Military Administration and the UNSC Navy.[1]

Class HistoryEdit


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The Punic-class was developed in the late 2400s. Many Punic-class ships were deployed in expeditionary and interdiction campaigns in the Outer Colonies by the Colonial Military Administration.[1]

Human-Covenant warEdit

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Eventually given to the UNSC, Punic-class ships would fight in multiple battles against the Covenant Empire. Some would fight above Estuary and at the Battle of Charybdis IX. By 2552, only a few remained.[1] The UNSC Trafalgar, the pride of the navy, was destroyed during the Fall of Reach.[4]




The Punic-class has several ventral bays capable of mounting UNSC frigates or UNSC destroyers.[3]

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