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The Installation 05 bird in Halo 2: Anniversary.

Quadwings, also known as ranmejo by Forerunner Lifeworkers,[1] are pterosaur-like birds that inhabit numerous former Forerunner worlds.


The birds who inhabit Installation 05 have a brown body, beige colored non-feathered wings, an orange beak, a red crest-like protrusion on the back of their head and blue bottom legs.[2]

The birds who inhabit Installation 00 are similar in shape but have a brown back, a navy blue body, a grey belly, a white beak and have feathered wings.[3]

Despite being of presumably alien nature, these creatures bear a surprising similarity to the ancient earth Pterosaur species. A double set of wings and a long, rigid tail give them a striking resemblance to Earth's dragonflies as well.

Quadwings are known to be genetically modified to help contribute and be a healthy part of the biomes they live in.[1]


The birds were first seen on Installation 05.[2][4] They are then seen again on Installation 00.[3][5]

It is unknown how they came to populate so many worlds but the fact that their habitats are in areas once inhabited, or at least visited by the Forerunners suggests that they were transplanted either purposely or accidentally by the Forerunners or an even older civilization.


  • In Halo 2 and Halo 3, players can shoot these creatures or stick them with Spike Grenades or Plasma Grenades on several Campaign and Multiplayer levels. If you shoot them they will burst and fall to bloody tatters in mid-air, their gory ribbons tend to just "poof" in the air with few visible body parts falling.
  • Upon death, the bird's body disappears for a fraction of a second, then reappears larger than before.
  • The birds seen in High Charity in the Halo 2 level Gravemind are sometimes mistaken for these birds, but upon closer examination, one can see that they are a different species.
  • Using modding, it is possible to get closer looks at these birds. This is because they appear on certain maps and so they appear in the maps coding.



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