Quick to Adjust was a Huragok in service to the Covenant Empire in 2552. he was one of seven rebel Huragok, but was the only one to make it out alive.


He was stationed in New Mombasa during the Human-Covenant war. Eventually Quick to Adjust saved the badly damaged Superintendent AI by merging the AI with itself. The result was Vergil. Veronica Dare and the Rookie discovered Quick to Adjust and Vergil, and brought them to safety.


  • Like the other Engineers found in the game and in spite of its lack of armor, Vergil still has shields to protect himself, and also is able to grant close friendly units shields, including the player. However, the player has no shield monitor, and if playing on Legendary, the shields decrease in strength rapidly.
  • Strangely, in the cutscenes Vergil's back is pink but in gameplay it's blue.
  • Quick to Adjust is the first Huragok to be seen without any armor on in any of the games.


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