“One of the finest examples of Civil Engineering which has shaped the development of society's quality of life in the 24th Century.”
— Plaque dedication

The Quito Space Tether is a space elevator located on Quito, Earth. It is one of six known elevators on Earth. As a space elevator would preferably have to be constructed near the equator,[1] Quito is an ideal location for such a structure as the city is located only a few kilometers south of the equator.[2]


Built by the International Society of Civil Engineers, the tether was completed on January 14, 2313. At the rededication ceremony on March 9, 2401, the elevator received its current name and the receiving station was given a monument dedicated to doctors Tobias Fleming Shaw and Wallace Fujikawa, the creators of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine.[3][4] The Quito Space Tether was among the four that survived the Battle of Earth.[5]


The orbital station on top of the tether had at least four gates leading to terminals from which passengers or cargo could be ferried to other UNSC-controlled worlds.





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