R. Coney (Bravo-28) is a UNSC Navy Corpsman.[1]


Battle of Sector Six

During the Battle of Sector Six, Coney was the Corpsman that aided Bravo-22, (S. Hartley), by taking out the Spiker round that penetrated his abdomen. Coney injected biofoam into Hartley's wound, then she tended to a second Marine, who was shot off the back of an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun on a Warthog. She found herself too late to help him and instead tried to assist a Marine named Scottlee who was pinned to a wall by a Brute Spiker round. Coney first attempted to pull him off, then used an angle grind to saw the Spiker round off and disconnect him from the wall. She was last seen running into a UNSC bunker with the wounded Marine, with the doors sealed behind her.


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