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The RCS-class armored cruiser[1] was a capital warship classification within the Covenant Navy and later in service with various Covenant remnants.[3]

Class HistoryEdit

Pre-Human WarEdit

The RCS-class was an ancient Covenant ship. Originally used as a missionary ship, as well as warship, the class would eventually fall out of favor and be replaced by the CCS-class battlecruiser. The remaining RCS-class ships would either be scrapped by the Assembly Forges, sent to reserve fleets, or left for storage near important colonies.[3]

Great SchismEdit

Main article: Great Schism

The Great Schism saw the loss of many of the assets needed to maintain the newer Covenant cruisers. As such, the RCS-class began to see a resurgence in mainline usage due to its simplicity of operation.[3]


Following the Great Schism, many warlords began to incorporate the RCS-class.[3] At least two of these vessels were used by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant during the Second Battle of Requiem. One was destroyed upon the arrival of UNSC Infinity.[4] One other escaped as Requiem was forced into its sun.[6]


The RCS-class' design is similar to the CCS-class and the CRS-class light cruiser.


The RCS-class' shielding was weaker than the CCS-class.[3]


The RCS-class possessed a ventral energy projector, anterior Plasma Cannons, and Pulse laser turrets.[2] Compared to the CCS-class, the RCS-class has inferior firepower.[3]




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