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The game box art.

The RISK: Halo Legendary Edition is a Halo themed variant of the board game RISK. It is the successor to RISK: Halo Wars Collector's Edition, and shares many game pieces with the former. The game is manufactured by USAopoly Inc. and retails for $49.99 USD.


The game includes 4 maps made from 2 folding pieces with different prints on each side. The first map is the Ring Map, which is made from the two combined sections. It represents a portion of Installation 04 and includes landmarks such as the Silent Cartographer. The map has 52 territories.

The game also includes the Anvil and Hammer maps. Each map represents a portion of the Forge World map from Halo: Reach. The Anvil and Hammer maps have 29 and 31 territories, respectively. The two maps can be linked together via Mobile Teleporters to form the Forge World map, the fourth and final map.


The game uses the same pieces as the Halo Wars edition, and introduces no new ones, save for the Mobile Teleporters and Faction Cards. The pieces used to represent units are, by faction:

Basic Gameplay[]

The game revolves around players using units to attack/defend portions of the map called territories. Players can receive reinforcements and "destroy" enemy units. Destroying units revolves around rolling dice and comparing the numbers on the faces to determine which units are destroyed. For more gameplay information, visit the Links section.

Gameplay Differences[]

The RISK: Halo Legendary Edition plays much like the standard RISK game, but with slight differences. The first difference is that instead of Territory Cards, the game introduces Faction Cards. Faction cards are specific to factions and can be used as the special abilities outlined on their backs, or traded in for troops like standard Territory Cards. The second difference is the introduction of Mobile Teleporters, which allow troops to move between unconnected territories. Another difference is Campaign Cards. These cards give objectives to be accomplished in-game.

The game also includes bases, reused from the Halo Wars edition. Players cannot win a game if their base is in a territory occupied by the enemy. Lastly, the game retains Hero units from RISK: Halo Wars. The Hero units provide an offensive/defensive boost to units within the territory occupied by the Hero.


  • The game has territories named Conservation Database 117 and Conservation Database 343, which are references to John-117 and 343 Guilty Spark, respectively.

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