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Rabbit was the nickname of a Pelican co-pilot attached to UNSC Red Horse in 2552.


Rabbit was dispatched with the crew of UNSC Red Horse to investigate the debris field of Installation 04. She was part of Sgt. Lopez's team sent to investigate the prison ship Mona Lisa when it was discovered in the debris.

When the team landed in Mona Lisa's hangar, they encountered and engaged several unarmored Elites. During the fight, Rabbit became separated from the group. When the Elites were dead, Lopez and some others looked for her. They found a trail of blood leading through a door, inside another Elite was found stomping on Rabbit's corpse. The alien was subsequently killed and the sight of Rabbit's body was enough to make MacCraw vomit. Lopez collected her dog tags and found a Flood appendage in the remains.



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