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Ragnarok Vacation is a glitch present in Halo 4. It allows the player to leave the original map boundaries on the multiplayer map Ragnarok.


  1. Enter the Forge lobby. Set the map as Ragnarok, and set the following options in Game Options > Base Traits.
  • Movement: Player speed: 300%, Jump height: 300%; Player Gravity: 50%
  • Equipment: Unlimited usage: Enabled, Armor Ability: Thruster Pack
2. Start the forge match.
3. Stand on the beach behind the Red base.
4. Jump upward.
5. When maximum height has been reached, begin using the Thruster Pack rapidly.

This should eject the player from the map's boundary, allowing the player to fly out into the sea. However, gravity is still a factor here, and the player will eventually go under the bottom of the map, being automatically killed. The usual "Return to the battlefield" prompt will appear, giving 10 seconds to return to the boundaries before dying. This can also be performed going around the wall, and over the cliffs on the opposite side from the wall.