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“I know we're losing. I want to know if we've lost”

The Raid of New Alexandria, also known as the Siege of New Alexandria, was a major engagement between the UNSC and the Covenant Empire within the city of New Alexandria on the human controlled planet of Reach. Major evacuations of civilian personnel took place during the battle. It lasted for five days and concluded with the glassing of the city by the Covenant.


Though the Supercarrier Long Night of Solace had been destroyed in the atmosphere by UNSC forces, the arrival of Covenant reinforcements in the Reach system ensured the initiative remained with the Covenant.



Main article: Evacuation of New Alexandria

The Covenant dispatched a large Jiralhanae-led raiding party to the city of New Alexandria, supported by at least three Covenant Corvettes. Heavy fighting raged on the ground as remaining UNSC forces defied commands to triage and evacuate civilians caught between the crossfire of Covenant and human firefights, despite their efforts many civilians died in Covenant atrocities, prompting an evacuation of the civilians through the Traxus Tower. However, the Covenant local air superiority with their Corvettes prevented the evacuation. The UNSC forces in the city attempted to destroy the Corvettes with FPF weapons, but were unsuccessful. One of the Covenant ships destroyed the tower, leaving the evacuees no choice but to use aerial transport. During these events, the Spartan Noble Six had made his/her way into the city after surviving the destruction of Long Night of Solace, and the Spartan led a group of ODSTs and Army troopers under Sergeant Major Duvall in a successful effort to reactivate the city's missile defence batteries, which had been captured and disabled by Covenant troops. This allowed the human forces to shoot down one Corvette and force the others to retreat, allowing the transports to evac safely.[2]

Night Time Assistance[]

By nightfall, the situation had deteriorated further for the UNSC forces, as the Covenant forces had placed Covenant communications jammers on numerous buildings, cutting off communications between the surviving UNSC troops and command. Noble Six, now having rejoined his team, was tasked with destroying them in spite of the now-overwhelming Covenant air superiority. Noble Six eliminated all three jammers and aided other UNSC troops trapped in the ruined city, but it was too late; multiple CCS-class battlecruisers arrived during his mission and started glassing numerous locations in the city. Six would assist in the final evacuation of ONI headquarters by providing air support against numerous antiaircraft Shade turrets, and rejoined his team in the building. As the group received their new orders from Colonel Urban Holland, the Covenant evacuated their remaining ground forces and began the full glassing of the area, forcing Noble Team to flee. As they fled to a fallout bunker, a Phantom flew overhead and a Field Marshall Zealot fired a Needle Rifle at Kat. The round went straight through her helmet, killing her instantly. Noble Six quickly caught her and dragged her body to the bunker while the rest of Noble team quickly returned fire.[1]


Three days after Noble team evacuated into the bunker, they emerged. The city had been severely damaged. The skyscrapers that survived were heavily damaged. The UNSC was desperately searching for survivors. Jun got a signal flare out as a Pelican came in to evac them.[1]

Unggoy who operated during the battle also came up with a theory on human reproduction. Specifically, that human females reach maturity by losing appendages. This theory would be put to the test in 2558 when Gribyam met Dr. Catherine Halsey.[3]



Naval Assets[]

Class Name Status
Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC Stalwart Dawn Unknown

Military Personnel[]

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Army Commander Carter-A259 Survived
Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 KIA
Warrant Officer Emile-A239 Survived
Jun-A266 Survived
Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 Survived
Sergeant Major Duvall Unknown
Unknown Evacuation Dispatch Unknown
Echo Dispatch Unknown
Kilo Dispatch Unknown
UNSC Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck Survived
Staff sergeant Marcus P. Stacker Survived



Class Name Status
D77-TC Pelican Delta 15 Survived
Whiskey 039 Survived
Whiskey 035 Survived
Whiskey 037 Survived
Whiskey 036 Survived



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