“Your orders were a pretext to bring you to me and have been overridden.”
— Catherine Halsey to Carter-A259[1]

The Raid on Sword Base was an engagement between the UNSC and Covenant during the Fall of Reach.


Sword base was the site of previous incursions, including the Battle of Sword Base[2] and a later attack on August 12, 2552.[3] This left the base in ruins, and the Covenant began glassing area. The base was deemed critical and was ordered to be destroyed.[1]


“Time to get to work, Noble Six. Take out those guns.”
— Carter to Noble Six.[1]

On August 29, 2552, Noble Six and several ODSTs showed up to the ruins of Farragut Station. They cleared out local resistance around Farragut, and proceeded to Airview Base. There, Tyrants were blocking the remaining members of Noble Team from backing up existing forces.[1]

At Airview, they attacked defending Covenant and destroyed the Tyrants. Reinforcements flew to Sword Base and began assaulting Covenant there. Noble Six regrouped with Carter-A259, Emile-A239, and Jun-A266 at Sword Base.[1]

Together, they entered the base, clearing out the remaining Covenant. Following their coordinates, they ended up in a dead-end hallway. Noble Team was then redirected to a new set of coordinates, and a wall in the hall opened up.[1]

Working for ONIEdit

“Colonel Holland will be briefed. You belong to ONI now.”
— Catherine Halsey to Carter.[1]

Dr. Catherine Halsey had actually been the cause of this. She took Noble Team to an underground complex as part of her plan. Halsey had been decrypting data and needed protection from fast approaching Covenant.[1]

Noble Team, using pre-established Wolf Spider turrets, mounted a successful defense against those Covenant. Upon entering Halsey's lab, Noble Team discovered their final objective; deliver Cortana to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in Aszod. Jun however, was tasked with delivering Dr. Halsey to CASTLE Base.[1]


The underground complex connected to Sword Base was destroyed.[1] However, it is unknown what exactly happened to Sword Base's main complex.

Halsey was safely delivered to CASTLE,[4] but it is unknown where Jun went from there and how he escaped Reach.

Emile, Six, and Carter managed to reach Aszod and deliver the package at the cost of Carter and Emile.[5]



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