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Sector 10 inside the city of New Mombasa has seen better days. The air is heavy with acrid smoke parted only by the constant arrival of enemy drop ships. Lucky for you, the crossroads that converge on the entrance into ONI’s Alpha Site offer up a textbook choke point. The Covenant has come to claim access. You and your squad of ODST’s are going to stop them at all costs.”
Bungie.net description[1]

Rally Point is a Firefight map in Halo 3: ODST.


Located in the center of New Mombasa, it is a small, Thanksgiving-Turkey shaped asymmetrical map and features uneven terrain, with a network of roads and walkways around the entrance to the ONI Alpha Site. Phantom dropships are able to drop Wraiths onto the map. The battlefield slopes upward towards the building, allowing a player to get a decent view of the enemies, while walkways connect different areas of the map. The map takes place in Kizingo Boulevard and during the campaign level Mickey and Dutch use the area as a rally point, hence the name.

Driving a Wraith[]

The game is scripted so that as soon as the driver of the Wraith is killed, the Wraith explodes making it impossible to drive. However for a split second after the driver is killed, the Wraith can be piloted. Any number of people can accomplish this, however the more, the better:

  • At the start of the round, make your way down to where the Wraith is dropped. Make sure to have a head shot-capable weapon (Carbine, Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle or Pistol) along with a Plasma Pistol. If you have some companions, have them bring Plasma Pistols.
  • As you approach the Wraith, concentrate fire on the gunner.
  • Once the gunner is killed, have one player jump on top of the Wraith while the others stun the Wraith with Plasma Pistol overloads.
  • Melee the hatch until it pops off.
  • Melee the driver until his Power Armor is destroyed.
  • Crouch on the Wraith so that "Press RB to board Wraith" does not appear.
  • While still crouched, hold RB (making sure you do not board the Wraith), and fire a single shot with your headshot-capable weapon into the driver's head.

If executed properly, you will become the driver of the Wraith. An ally can climb in and become the gunner. If the driver exits, however, the Wraith will explode. While this is possible to do alone, it is much more difficult to keep the Wraith stunned while doing everything else on your own. Also, if you are alone, having no one available to man the turret will become a problem when Drones appear.[2]


  • This is one of two Firefight maps in Halo 3: ODST to have both day and night variants, the other being Crater.
  • During the night version of the map the doors to the ONI center close.