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Ralph-103[1] was a SPARTAN-II commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. After being discharged from the program,[2] Ralph served in the UNSC Marine Corps before being killed during a heavy engagement with Covenant infantry on Harvest.[3]



Ralph was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when he was six years old. He and the other Spartans were taken to the planet Reach and trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez. In 2525, he and the other candidates underwent a series of augmentations to improve their abilities. Ralph was among the ones who survived without being crippled or killed by the procedure.


A few weeks after the augmentation procedures, Ralph, along with Daisy-023, Joseph-122, and two other Spartans, rebelled against their trainers, taking them hostage and demanding that Dr. Halsey let them leave. Halsey granted them freedom, and they escaped Reach as stowaways, hoping to return home to their parents. Soon after escaping, Ralph returned home to meet his clone that he realized was sick. He then suffered a psychological break and killed his clone. He was soon captured along with Daisy and was returned to Reach.

Discharge and post-program life[]

Ralph was eventually discharged from the SPARTAN-II program due to his psychological condition. After his dismissal, he was adopted by a family and lived a normal life. Although some of his gene treatments were curtailed and suppressed, there were some irreversible changes that made his appearance different from other children his own age when he assimilated into civilian life. Due to his upbringing and physiological differences, his transitional years were easier for him, though he had tendencies of bullying weaker children. However, this was viewed as a phase and not a trend.[4]

Military career and death[]

While still slightly more than baseline human,[5] Ralph enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and later participated in the Harvest Campaign. During an engagement with the Covenant, Daisy attempted to assist him and a group of other Marines. After being mortally wounded by Needler fire, Daisy unsuccessfully attempted to cover the Marines' retreat. Ralph and the Marines were killed by a Sangheili's shots from a Fuel Rod Gun while trying to escape in a Pelican.


  1. This used to be 303. In a post, Frank O'Connor commented on Ralph's unusually high Spartan tag, stating that the discrepancy may be explored later. It was later changed to 103.