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The Rasus-pattern interdictor, also known as a Covenant Battleship[3] or a Super Destroyer,[4] is a heavy capital warship classification within the Covenant Navy. This warship is approximately two kilometers long, has five bulbous sections and bristles with a dozen Energy Projectors - enough weapons and firepower to decimate any UNSC Fleet from long range. It is larger than most Covenant warships, even surpassing the keel length of the CCS-class battlecruiser, but itself is dwarfed by the Covenant Assault Carrier and Supercarrier.


The battleship was the third Covenant naval vessel to be encountered by the UNSC. One was engaged by the CMA Heracles, CMA Vostok, and CMA Arabia as well as the forces under Vice Admiral Preston Cole during the Second Battle of Harvest in what was to be the first sanctioned naval engagement between the UNSC and Covenant Empire. It single handedly destroyed thirteen ships in Cole's fleet before being destroyed by concentrated fire.[4][5]


The Battleship is made up of five primary bulbous sections and appears in a light shade of purple. It is of the larger ships in the Covenant fleet, and is extremely well armed -boasting three energy projectors at the fore of the ship and four to six on its stern. Various pulse laser turrets and plasma turrets litter the hull as well.

Though most of its power is likely used by the large number of energy projectors it uses in battle, the ship still can project an energy shield strong enough to protect it from multiple nuclear missiles and MAC rounds. However, the shielding will fail and hull will buckle under a salvo of extremely powerful concentrated fire as shown when the 27 remaining vessels in Cole's fleet were able to destroy it when the entire fleet fired a single concentrated barrage.[5]




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