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When ONI dispatched its first expeditionary group to this sector, it was believed that these impressive citadels were individual constructs strategically organized to protect this portion of Requiem. Teams on the ground now believe that they are actually the ramparts and battlements of an impossibly large structure below the surface of the sea.

Ravine, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 982-3,[1] is a Forge environment available in Halo 4. The Forge pieces on this map are set to the Forerunner pallet. Ravine takes place on a seastack where half of it is covered by a Forerunner structure and the other half is natural land.


This map features a well-lit playable area with green hills and waterfalls, similar to Forge World. Far above the player, higher than the cloud layer, the roof of Requiem can be seen.

The background of this map features several islands, over some of which several Forerunner structures can be seen. While the seastack is an actual area where the player can forge on a natural floor, the outside on both sides of the map are usable as well, and are useful in creating obstacle courses.


Main article: Ravine/Settler

The natural land half of Ravine is known as Settler, and is most often seen in the Big Team Battle playlist. The principal change is that the balcony on the cliff has been given a roof and walls. In addition, if playing Settler in Big Team Battle, the ghosts are removed from both bases.




  • The waterfalls seem to flow out of the structure.