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This variant of Ravine is a semi-symmetrical map resting atop a verdant cliff side.

Settler is a built in forge variant of Ravine, in Halo 4. It appears in matchmaking playlists such as Big Team Battle.


Settler is a semi-symmectrical map, which is built on the grassy area of Ravine. It consists of two bases which are similar to those of Blood Gulch. Each of these houses a mounted machine gun and a shotgun. There is a raised section along the cliff face on one side, and a man-made bridge on the opposite. In the centre is a tall human structure that cannot be entered. Below this is a cave, next to a sunken vehicle path.


  • In most gametypes, it is best to have your team control the raised section of the map, since this has a good line of sight across the whole map.
  • Only grab the Shotgun if you plan on remaining in your base, the caves or the bridge. In other places, enemies will most likely take you out before you are close enough to be a threat.
  • If your team controls the elevated area, try sniping from there.
  • In Capture the Flag games, always help your flag carrier by picking them up in a warthog, as this map has few protected paths from one base to the other. Without a vehicle, they will almost certainly be killed before reaching your base.
  • Always choose a loadout with at least one mid-ranged precision weapon.