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The Razor-class light prowler was a classification of prowler used by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Operational History[]

The Razor-class was originally developed before or during the Insurrection. Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto commanded several of them during this time, becoming a highly regarded officer. He would eventually defect to the Insurrectionists, taking three Razor-class ships with him.[2]

At least one Razor-class ship, the UNSC Razor's Edge, would operate during the Human-Covenant war. It would discover K7-49 after trailing a Covenant frigate in 2537.[3][note 1]

Hector Nyeto's Razor-class ships would end up in the hands of his son, Ross Nyeto and his gunrunners, following the Human-Covenant war.[2]

Ships of the Line[]


  1. The UNSC Razor's Edge is assumed to have been a Razor-class light prowler, a prowler class which wa identified in Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide, due to the similar name, much like the UNSC Stalwart Dawn and the Stalwart-class light frigate.


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