“Rejoice, your Holiness, for we have found the doorway to the relic you spoke of.”
— Commander Wamik

Commander Re'gish Wamik was a Sangheili Field Master in the Covenant military. He served during the Harvest Campaign in 2531.[1]


During the final stages of the Harvest Campaign, Wamik commanded the Covenant forces that found the doorway to the newly-discovered Forerunner Relic. He sent a message to the Prophet of Regret informing him of their findings and requesting that he send the Arbiter so that they may open the Relic.

Following the Harvest campaign, Wamik's career in the Covenant military was well documented by the UNSC as he continued to prove a formidable foe to the UNSC. As a result of his actions during the war, the Office of Naval Intelligence's War Games designers utilized data on Wamik to produce a boss construct for Warzone scenarios to test Spartans in the Stormbreak simulation.[2]


  • His name is unusual for a Sangheili as the majority of Sangheili clan and house names incorporate an opening apostrophe in their presentation. Re'gish Wamik is most likely named after a hero, battle, or legend from ancient Sangheili history.[2]




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