Reach Racer is an easter egg in Halo: Reach. It can be found on the campaign level ONI: Sword Base.


The easter egg allows two players or more to participate in a race around the play area of the level using Gauss Warthogs. At the end of the race will be the door to Sword Base. Upon reaching that area, the losing Warthog will explode and losing players will respawn at the destination.


In order to activate the easter egg, the players have to find two hidden switches, marked as doors. Because these two switches require activation simultaneously, it therefore requires two players to activate the easter egg. These switches are not visible to the players and as such, must be in a specific location to see the "Hold X to open Door" message.

  1. Switch A can be found on the coast of the water southeast of the buildings holding the COMM Array, on a pile of rocks near the frozen waterfall.
  2. Switch B can be found past the Anti-Air cannon, on a pile of rocks with some trees overlooking the walled complex on the ice below the area.
  3. After activating both switches at the same time, both players will be teleported to the entrance of Sword Base, with two Gauss Warthogs, although players may wish to drive a Ghost or other vehicle available to them. Players will start racing, and a set of waypoints will mark the course. The player who loses the race will have their vehicle explode, then both racers to be teleported back to the entrance of Sword Base for another race.

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