The Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer is a layer of the Mjolnir Armor that was added to the MJOLNIR Mark IV and later models.

It flawlessly enhances the speed and power of the wearer, a sharp contrast to previous versions of the MJOLNIR armor which required powered "motors" to allow the soldiers mobility and reflexes. The "Crystal Liquid Layer" is amorphous, yet fractionally scales and amplifies force, doubling lifting capacity and decreasing reaction time by a factor of five."[1] Because of this advancement, the design more closely resembles an actual suit of armor, as opposed to a powered exoskeleton. On one level the soldier moves the suit and in return the suit moves the soldier. This allowed for an incredibly compact design when compared to the previous incarnations.[2]

This is a significant cybernetic advancement of technology, truly melding man and machine together. John-117 and his team needed under an hour of drilling to adapt to moving with the increased speed and power granted by this technology. Dr. Halsey, the suit's designer, considered this to be the most important feature of the armor, and it is arguably the most dangerous. The system is so reactive that a normal human cannot wear the suit without injuring or killing him/herself. Only an augmented Spartan can safely wear Mjolnir Armor.[1]

Kelly-087's initial remark upon first donning the suit was: "Flawless amplification of speed and power. It's like I've been training in this suit for years." Samuel-034 simply stated: "I think I'm in love."


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