The Rebel Base is a human structure built by the Rebels. It acts as a command center for the Rebels, and is one of the most known, and encountered enemy base in Halo Wars.


Like the Forerunner Forts and Flood Colonies, the Rebel Base is a placeholder for empty base sites. Rebel Bases are poorly defended and are low in health. Rebel Bases have mounted turrets, similar to those made by the UNSC Fortress and Station. Uniquely the Rebel Bases, also have Rebel Watchtowers, but they do completely nothing at all. Like the colonies and forts, the Rebels are enemies to everyone.


The Rebel Bases seems to resemble an abandoned building. The bases are predicted to be old as the paint has seemed to wear off, giving out a grey-ish colour. On the largest part of the base is the symbol of the Insurrectionists, giving the clue that Rebels were possibly apart of the Insurrection. The base has a large barrier around the base, with the tops having barbed wire, but there is a huge opening in the middle. There are also barrels, boxes, flag pole, and tent past the gate. Outside the base are two watchtowers and two turrets for protection.


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