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A group of rebel infantry


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Rebel Infantry appear in Halo Wars multiplayer maps as soldiers that are slightly stronger than Marines. They are part of the Rebel faction and are enemies to everyone, much like the Flood and the Forerunner Sentinels. Rebel Infantry only appear on some maps or maps with Forerunner structures which can be controlled by players.

Weapons and Ranks[]

Unlike Marines, the Rebel Infantry cannot use grenades, but they can use the RPG upgrade. It is likely that all the rebel infantry encountered are of the rank of Private. Much like the Marines, their main weapon is the Assault rifle, though Rebel Snipers are seen with the Sniper Rifle. These Infantry can also not heal or respawn, so there are a limit to how many are in one game.


Rebels inhabit or surround many places on the map; here is a list of such places and buildings:


  • Some people confuse them for the UNSC, due to their similar look, if seen away from a Rebel Base.
  • Rebel squads are slightly stronger than their UNSC and Covenant counterparts.
  • It's a good idea to send in your Spartans early in the game to take out a rebel base since it allows you Spartans to gain experience without too much risk.
  • If you are playing as the Covenant, it is a good idea to send multiple types of units to attack Rebel bases, though the best units to take them out are Jackals.
  • These units use rockets similarly to the hornet's passive ability unlike the UNSC marines which fire them with a secondary attack.